Fire Strategies and Reports

Quality Fire Safety Management giving assistance and guidance with licensing applications
Quality Fire Safety Management are giving assistance and guidance regarding Building Regulation Applications

Identifying and Managing your Fire Safety Issues

Building Regulations applications are required when new buildings are constructed or when existing buildings are extended. A fire safety report addresses specific fire safety issues identified with the proposed building, and how they will be managed when the building is occupied.

In many cases, meeting the recommendations of Approved Document B of the Building Regulations is relatively straight-forward, however, architects and clients increasingly want to move away from this guidance in the design and layout of their buildings. This is where a specific fire safety report can provide explanation and justification to support any variations from relevant guidance.

A bespoke building fire strategy report describes the fire safety requirements of a building and how they are addressed. It acts as a guide for the design team, by identifying standards or setting performance criteria, e.g. for the capacity of a smoke extract system, and/or the fire resistance of elements of structure.

It forms the basis of the submission to the approving authorities (i.e. Building Control Body and Fire Authority). The fire strategy report will evolve through the design process and is refined and expanded as the project progresses with a view to becoming an as-built fire strategy for use throughout the building’s life cycle.

What services do QFSM offer?

Every construction project is different, with varied levels of risk and circumstances that can change over time. So our expert consultancy advice is tailored to the specific needs of your project.

We can produce a comprehensive fire safety report or fire strategy that will support the fire safety provisions within the application, and provide reasoned rationale to support any variations from recognised guidance.

We work closely with a number of Building Control bodies and Independent Approved Inspectors. These positive relationships can streamline the process for clients, meaning projects progress without unnecessary delay.

Please contact us for more information, costs and how to organise a Fire Safety Report or Strategy for your construction project