Maritime Fire Fighter course (1 Day)

Institution of Fire Engineers 6 Hours Approved Badge

An operational level maritime hybrid course mixing maritime theory with specialist practical skills sessions, which has been officially recognised by the Institution of Fire Engineers and carries 4.5 IFE approved hours of Continuing Professional Development.

Institution of Fire Engineers Recognised Training Course 2022 Certificate

Taking on board the feedback from our Fire & Rescue colleagues around the UK we have developed an Operational level course aimed at Fire fighter and Operational level Initial Incident Commanders known as the 1-day Maritime Fire Fighter course. This course delivers the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for an initial Incident Commander to understand the unique hazards and risks posed by a maritime incident alongside, ranging from a houseboat/barge to a large-scale cruise liner. The elements within this course meet the Skills for Justice, the National Operational Standards performance criteria, and the National Operational Guidance training requirements for Fires on Board Vessels.

Our team of experienced maritime experts provide a stimulating and interactive blended learning experience.


To develop the learners understanding of the complexities when operating in a maritime incident environment and test their initial command skills necessary to resolve an operational incident on board a vessel.

    • Situational Awareness – Understand how to conduct a thorough situational Risk Assessment and to continually review both Dynamic and Analytical Risk Assessments, so to implement and maintain a Safe System of Work at a maritime fire emergency.
    • Effective communication – Be able to effectively liaise with the Ships company, Harbour authorities and other applicable agencies to provide a coordinated response.
    • Cordon Control – Establish and apply cordons, sectors and exclusion zones to safely control operations and personnel involved in the incident at a maritime fire emergency.
    • Hybrid Exercise – Apply the skills, knowledge and experience of incident command in a Maritime related scenario using ships plans and FRS training facilities.
Operational Firefighters in UK and European Fire & Rescue Services
Initial Operational Incident Commanders in UK and European Fire & Rescue Services
Any UK Fire & Rescue Service personnel with a specialist role
Port and Harbour Masters

1 day

The Course

This course and its instructors present a unique opportunity for delegates to develop their skills and knowledge and apply Incident Command skills within a Maritime context.

Our team of experienced maritime incident commanders and trainers provide a stimulating and interactive blended learning experience. This course relies on FRS resources and will be delivered in your workplace at any location across the UK. This maximises the opportunity to learn and develop consistent knowledge and standards, as well as helping you save time and money by reducing the time staff need to spend away from their duties and families.

Delegates will develop knowledge and understanding of their role and responsibilities as a Firefighter and an Initial Operational Incident Commander and Command Team, both on vessels and in a port or dockyard arena.

Delegates will:
Develop their knowledge and understanding of how to apply the skills required to operate as an initial Incident Commander and/or Command team during a maritime emergency.
Develop their knowledge and understanding on situational awareness, communication, and effective cordon control, when dealing with a maritime incident.
Demonstrate the application of specific practical skills in a maritime environment.
Have a unique opportunity for personal development with a specialist group of Subject Matter Experts.

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